Art Classroom Aesthetics

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Establishing a suitable art studio with functional art room furniture will the be the key to unleashing your students best work.

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Making a Media Center Comfortable

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Because the way we access information is changing, so should our library furniture. Here are a few tricks to making sure your media center is comfortable for your visitors.

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Making the Most of a Classroom

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Throughout their childhood and adolescence, students spend nearly as much time in classrooms as they do at home. The same can be said for teachers. Because of this, classrooms are just as much living spaces as they are learning spaces. Just how students have different styles of learning and teachers have different styles of teaching, classrooms and classroom furniture should have different styles of design. Every aspect of the classroom’s design should have a purpose to optimize the students’ educations. This can be what you have on the walls to what furniture you have in your class to how that furniture is arranged. Here are some quick tips to make the most of a classroom.

Ask the Students

This can be one of the most effective ways of deciding how to design your classroom. Students usually know what best helps them focus at school. Ask them questions to gauge what helps them learn. Some students work better in groups, others individually. Make sure your classroom furniture is versatile. This allows you to switch up seating arrangements and change the setup of your classroom as needed throughout the year. A good design in September to help the students get to know each other may not be good for January midterms.

Switch Up Seating Style

This is where you get to have some fun. Some teachers are loyalists to row seating, others to group seating. Something to consider while setting up your classroom would be having different options for where students sit. By putting some desks into rows, some into groups, and some in a circle every student has a chance to choose a seat that is best for them. This also gives you options if students are working on different work. Should one need to retake a test, put them in a seat in the row. If some students need to finish up their group project, put them at the group table. This allows for versatility in how students interact and how you teach.

Create Different Spaces

Aside from having a variety of seating options, try to ration your classroom. By creating different spaces in the classroom all serving different purposes, you can stay organized and efficient. Something to think about would be what you want to happen in your classroom. Collaboration, creativity, and concentration are the building blocks of getting students involved in their education. If you have a space for collaborative work where students can talk and discuss, they’ll learn socialization and teamwork. If you have a space where they can explore their creativity, they learn to think outside of the box. Allowing a place for quiet and concentration gives students a chance to absorb and retain information. Having a space for each of these in a classroom guarantees success.


Organization of classroom furniture is key to the students’ success. Choosing the right furniture is the first step, and organizing that furniture is the second. In order to optimize the learning and comfort of a classroom, talk to your students, give them options, and give them their spaces. Start designing your classroom today and check out School Furnishings.

Why Choose School Furnishings?

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Choosing the best furniture for you learning space can get complicated. You have so many decisions to make. You need to know what kind of desks to get, what other furniture you need to optimize learning, and how to organize that classroom furniture once you have it. School Furnishings has a wide variety of products and manufacturers for every learning space. With a dedication to customer service, School Furnishings will provide you with the best furniture in the industry and the best support along the way. Here are four more reasons School Furnishings in New England is the best choice for you.


School Furnishings has everything you need for a classroom. The best thing about School Furnishings is that they don’t just handle elementary school furniture. They have products to outfit any classroom K-12 as well as college and university classrooms. Whether you need desks and chairs, whiteboards or closets for storage, you can find what you need. They also have a selection of products specifically for science classrooms and art classrooms. This allows School Furnishings to help you with any of your classroom needs.

Beyond the Classroom

School Furnishings isn’t just prepared to help you with your classroom furniture. They have what you need to make sure your school is ready for students. Areas like cafeterias and libraries are just as important to the function of a school as classrooms. School Furnishings has a selection of cafeteria furniture and tables, sofas, and chairs for a library setting. For your hallway and locker room needs, School Furnishings has a selection of lockers to choose from. With a selection like this, School Furnishings prepares you for anything.


School Furnishings goes that extra step to help their customers. They work with a selection of preferred manufacturers in the industry. By working with these trusted manufacturers, School Furnishings makes it easier to get your hands on products they may not have readily available. If you see something from one of their preferred manufacturers they don’t already stock, they can order it for you. Manufacturers include DeBourgh, Masterlock, SurfaceTech, and many, many more.

Beyond the Schoolyard

Despite what the name may suggest, School Furnishings can help supply furniture for more than just school settings. They carry a selection of products for office spaces and correctional facilities as well. By working with manufacturers such as ABCO, Global Total Office, and Indiana Furniture, School Furnishings ensures you get the best products available at great prices. Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, and neither does School Furnishings.

Classroom furniture is an important investment. Choosing the best products for your learning and working environments should be easy. Check out School Furnishings’ full line of products and manufacturers online or give them a call today!

Learning Commons and Food Courts

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Learning Commons and Food Courts are gaining popularity in educational buildings across the country. The spaces include areas for collaborating, reading, working on projects, recharging people and electronic devises, and eating. These multi-functional spaces can be created within traditional libraries, near or in cafeterias, and in other spaces within a school.

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Academia’s New Products in 2016

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Academia is at it again, and they’ve created new quality furniture that fits into traditional and collaborative styles of teaching. Focus in 2106 is on mobility to create the most functional and effective classroom setting.

The Dura Series: The Adam and Chad Table options are durable and shapely! With adjustable heights, and the option of casters, marker-boards, and custom laminates, they will fit any classroom setting.

Adam Table                                                                       Chad Table

      SF 1                                     SF 2

Mod Series: Great for collaborative use, these seats come in a number of sizes and shapes for your classroom or library. Plus, we offer two heights and the option to add your school logo.

SF 7 SF 6 SF 5 SF 4 SF 3

Synergy Collaborative Desk: Transitioning between lecture and group work can be a hassle when you don’t have the classroom furniture to accommodate the change. Academia’s Synergy desks help create a collaborative atmosphere, and allow your students to work in various group sizes depending on the combination of desks and their Synergy Pod shape.

SF 8 SF 9

SF 12 SF 11 SF 10

These Academia school desks and chairs, as well as their other school furniture options, are available through School Furnishings, Inc. at (603) 882-9418 or online at

School furniture

Academia New Products 2015

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Academia has a great reputation for delivering only quality furniture. While others get the job done quickly with spot welding, we focus on durability (even if it takes more time) by fully welding all of our items. Now, Academia Furniture expands yet again with fully welded tables. You can feel confident that this item too is way beyond the market standard.

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Brighten Your Brainstorm!

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Ghent Visual Communication products are 95% made in USA, and can help you with all of your whiteboard, bulletin board, mobile collaboration boards, display case, and signage needs.

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Furniture Shapes the Classroom Environment

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Though 2015 may not be quite the hologram and hover-board world that watching Back to the Future led us to expect, much has changed in just a few decades…

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“Hey. My eyes are up here!”

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Everybody knows that tables don’t really have eyes. But if they did, you can imagine being admonished just the same. You just can’t help it. It’s those legs! Each one is a supple 2″ x 3″ tapering down to a provocative 2″ x 2″ and capped off with a sassy finished steel boot. Yeah…and set at 45 degrees to the aprons…they kind of grab your attention.

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