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art room furniture

How Art Room Furniture Impacts Learning

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At one point or another, we’ve sat through a class that did not hold our attention.  Maybe this was due to monotone lectures, lack of subject interest, or distractions.  Whatever the case may be, with a few additional touches, or changes, to the classroom décor, you can create an entirely new outlook for students.  This especially true for art room furniture.  This article will highlights how elements in the classroom can affect learning in ways you may have never considered.


Desks and Tables

Often overlooked in the art room setting, desks and tables make a significant impact on how productive a student may be.  For instance, several classrooms across the country utilize individual desks.  Although this type of seating structure is effective in many cases, it is not the best format in the art room.  A better option is a large square, or long rectangular, table that allows for group work.

Not all of us have a creative side, and that’s okay! Encouragement is essential to success for those who may struggle on the creative side.  However, due to large classroom sizes, teachers may not always be able to give individual attention to those students who need a little TLC.  With a table that creates a group setting, students can be around others that may inspire them. New ideas can spark, and conversations on how-to can be had. 

One of our favorite art tables here at School Furnishings is the Crafts & Project Workstation by Hann.  Not only is there ample room for multiple students to gather, but there’s also even more room for storage!



A chair is a chair, right? Unfortunately this is the thought of many, but shouldn’t be. Student seating has more effect on the ability to learn that one could imagine.  Now let’s imagine the art room.  It’s the first day of school, and you walk into a room with beige walls, typical dingy school flooring, brown desks, and the stereotypical seating.  Inspired yet? Now imagine walking into the same room that has blocks of tables for groups to gather, enhanced by seating with pops of color.  Even though there is a slight difference, the furniture makes a difference. 

Chairs are the easiest way to add interest and dynamic to a creative space.  For instance, Academia Furniture provides a variety of ergonomic chairs designed with your child’s imagination in mind. From red to purple, teal to lime, the possibilities ensure the spark of inspiration you’re looking to give your incoming students.


If you’re looking for a boost of inspiration for your students, consider updating your art room furniture.  Tables and chairs are only one way to bring new life to a lifeless room.  For more ideas and information, contact the experts at School Furnishings.  Working with all types of school and universities, we can help you find the solution your classroom needs.  Call us today at (603) 882-9418 and get your art room updated before the new school year starts!

Student Engagement is the Key to Success

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When it comes to education, there is no substitute for student engagement. Having students actively participate in the decision making that impacts their education is a surefire way to get them involved. Simple decisions such as their surroundings and classroom furniture can get them engaged in what they are learning in a way that they weren’t before. This creates positive vibes in the classroom.

Create a Feeling of Autonomy

Letting students make decisions about their surroundings doesn’t mean holding every class outside on a beautiful day. Let students be involved in the set up of your makerspace. How your makerspace is set up is going to affect their daily lives. So, giving them some authority on how the classroom furniture is organized can provide them with a feeling of autonomy. Between September and June, students are going to spend the majority of their time in this makerspace, meaning their comfort is of vital importance.

Teachers Play Their Part

The engagement of the student isn’t the only factor that plays into a successful education. Teachers have to play their part in engagement as well. This means going beyond the simple grading of an essay. Your makerspace should be designed so the educator can go from student to student, or group to group to ask questions about their assignments and answer questions the students might have. This contributes to building the problem-solving skills of the students.

Interaction is a Real World Skill

Through interacting with students, educators help to build their real-world interaction skills. Allowing students to interact with your makerspace and their assignments gives them the hands-on experiences they can apply to areas outside the classroom. Creating, sharing ideas, organizing, and making mistakes are a part of everyday life. So, exposing your students to these tasks creates a well-rounded individual.

While the memorizing of facts and figures is another essential aspect of education, engagement is the key to unlocking a child’s potential. By allowing students to have a say in the space they occupy, you’re empowering them to interact with the makerspace and the learning materials on their terms. For classroom furniture, contact School Furnishings at 800-882-9418 or visit us online.

Art Classroom Aesthetics

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Establishing a suitable art studio with functional art room furniture will the be the key to unleashing your students best work.

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